Kids' Birthday Parties At Escape Rooms: My Experience And Tips

Back in 2015-2018 I used to offer discounts for the birthday person, but rowdy kids and teenagers often caused damage to the puzzles and room decor. Some of them tried to impress their friends by doing stupid things or constantly asking for hints for every step. Despite the rule requiring at least one adult per team, I still had to deal with the headache of repairing broken items right before important corporate events. That's when I realized the importance of offering separate escape rooms for kids.

Realizing the need for a separate location to cater to families and kids, we built a location with kids (10+ yo) and family oriented rooms such as Minecraft, School of Magic, and Wizard's Chest. Additionally, we included a large party room for hosting birthday parties. This decision not only allowed us to provide parents with more options for their children's celebrations but also helped to shift 80% of kids from our main location to the new one.

Then I decided to create a turnkey solution for parents looking to plan their kids' birthday parties. The "party package" was designed to be as enticing as possible to compete with other family entertainment centers, such as laser tag and go-karting. Here's what the package includes:

  1. A flat price of $470+tax, which is a reasonable cost compared to other options.

  2. A fully private location for 3 hours, during which time the kids can split into two groups and play in multiple rooms. They can switch rooms and play again before finishing off with pizza and cake.

  3. Up to 16 guests included in the flat price. Even if you bring a few extra guests, there won't be any extra charges.

This package has proven to be a hit with parents, as they can sit back and relax while our kids tolerated game guides take care of the entire party. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

I was initially worried that offering a flat price for our birthday party package might not be the best business decision. However, I quickly realized that this package is not only appealing to parents, but it also benefits our business in several ways.

Firstly, kids who attend our birthday parties often share their experience with their friends and parents, which brings in more regular customers. Many families come to try our famous Minecraft escape room and end up becoming regular customers, completing all of our games.

Secondly, parents who have positive experiences at our birthday parties often share their experience with their co-workers and other parents. This has resulted in a lot of corporate events for our adult rooms, which helps us earn more money.

Thirdly, we receive a guaranteed $470 upfront for each birthday party, and our game guides also receive generous tips from parents. This provides us with a steady income stream and helps us plan for the future.

Fourthly, since we have a separate location for our birthday parties, we no longer have to worry about loud kids damaging puzzles and equipment in our main location.

Lastly, offering affordable and exciting birthday parties for kids is a great way to contribute to the city's community and give back to our customers.

I created a separate landing page for our birthday party packages, which generates about 3-4 leads daily. You can check it out at While I don't claim that my strategy is the best, we've had at least three birthday parties per weekend since 2018, so it's definitely been successful for us. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to offer parties in your own escape room.

Thank you!
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