Escape Room Construction Update. March'24.

Woah! Finally, the major construction of my new location is complete!

You could have read the first post about the new location on June 7th, 2023, and on March 7th, 2024, we launched test games! That's exactly 9 months, or 3 months for the construction of each escape room.
Actually, in March we launched test games in one of the three ready escape rooms, we will launch the next game in April, and then in May. Let me tell you why we wouldn't launch all three at once.

What is the most important for me in business is revenue and profit. Launching escape rooms one by one is more profitable for us. Firstly, our regular customers, who receive the opening announcement from our mailing list, have only one choice among the new escape rooms, and they all will go to play in this specific escape room in March, then, a month later, when they get bored, I will offer them the next one, and they will go into it, and another month later, another one. Thus, they are more likely to go through all 3 in a row, rather than postpone any of them "for later". Now they don't need to choose and think - I make the choice for them.
Also, this way it's much easier to train new game guides. When quests open one by one, they have time to calmly learn everything, practice, and when there's only one quest, I only need one game guide at the location, who can later train new employees when we open the next quests.

And yes, we've already made a sold-out of test games for March - all thanks to the mailing list! Even though Alice in Wonderland was built in 2020 first time and operated until 2023, and all puzzles are time-tested, we still providing test games with a 30% discount to find all bugs and polish the new gameplay, and the new features that I added to the game. Here, of course, I should thank the Indestroom team for many years of support for the quest, even four years after the purchase, the guys helped us make changes, and it cost me nothing. Good job!